About the Artist

Debbie Buckhouse

I’m an artist, traveler, and hiker obsessed with capturing nature and human emotion. I am drawn to watercolors, but my favorite medium is oil on canvas. Many of my paintings are created with just my fingers. I value impressionism mixed with realism and fantasy and in a nutshell, that is my artistic identity. Throughout my life, however busy it was, I was always pulled back in time to create as I did as a child. Even when I wasn’t painting, I observed the way the light danced on the leaves and watched expressions on faces and eyes that drew me in. I stared at Van Gogh, Monet, Chagall, and Rembrandt and many other current artists. My life took a different direction and I became a registered nurse working for many years and as my career waned I was able to follow my passion. I am an artist and I love to create!