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It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want a portrait, a memory of a pet, or even a vacation landscape. Let’s talk!

The Cove

This painting was designed as a commission painting to hang in a beautiful home at The Cove in Carlsbad California. The painting is whimsical and impressionistic. The reflections in the water floats across the canvas with colorful strokes. This painting has been sold and prints are available through the link.

Peony Clouds

“ Peony Clouds” is a 30×30 inch oil on canvas finger painting created for a buyer as the second painting in a series in 2023. The painting was sold in a natural wood floating frame which beautifully sets off this painting. If you look closely, the flowers are very impressionist and cloud-like and adds a feeling of peace to the room.

Redhead tree of life

I was happy to paint a second painting of Elizabeth’s father to capture the twinkle in his eyes.


“Korina” I loved painting this picture of my dear friend Korina all blinged up because it was so much fun to do. When I began studying her eyes I could see strength and determination in her left eye and kindness and vulnerability in her right. She is a self made business women with so much determination and drive and at the same time embraces her many friends as if they were family. This is a finger painting mostly with the exception of the details in her face.

Heavenly Impression

“Heavenly Impression” is a 48 x 36 inch oil painting on Canvas. This painting is a commission painting created for a client who recently remodeled her home. It came in a floating frame with a teak color finish. The painting will be a Tryptic painting and will include two more paintings size 48 x 12 inches.

The painting sold for $2100.00 and will be available in print through my website.


Town Lift

This is a watercolor painting of the town lift in Park City Utah. The original went to a couple who were married on the town bridge. They put it on their wedding invitation and were able to frame the original for their home.

“Town Lift” was created on watercolor paper. Prints are available in multiple sizes and is best matted and framed under museum glass.


This painting was a commission piece painted of a 7/11 store in Carlsbad. I added a few whimsical plants to add fun to the painting.

“Americana” was created on watercolor paper. Prints are available in multiple sizes and is best matted and framed under museum glass.

Owl In Flight

This painting was designed as a commission painting for a newly remodeled home. I wanted to design a painting with intensity and movement. The person I designed it for wanted my loose style, had particular colors in mind, and loved owls. The relief in the original is significant and plays on the canvas in different lights. The painting has sold and is available in print.

This is a 15 x 22 inch watercolor of a beautiful soul. I love painting people with a unique and fascinating story because it always shows in their demeanor. From what I know of him, he was a very humble man who contributed so much to our society. This was done for his beautiful daughter Elizabeth.


This is a commission painting of sweet Molly. It is a 23 x 30 inch oil painting on 1.5 inch canvas. It was a joy painting Molly and meeting her. She has been a companion and loyal friend to her owner for many years and her beautiful soul shows in her eyes as they follow you around the room.

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