Holy Family


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30 x 40


This is a commissioned oil painting. When asked to create this painting, I thought about it for a while and decided to make it my own loose style painting. It’s funny how I work a painting. It evolves and changes as I walk around it and away from it. I really love painting like that because I never know what it is going to look like until it is completed. When you look at the loose style of the halos you will notice three roses on Mary, Jesus, and Joseph in my mind portraying love and symbolic of the holy family of three. There is a jewel in the center of the star of David signifying the wise men traveling to see Jesus bearing gifts. It could also be a rose…As I painted the halo on Jesus it appeared to look like a crown of thorns which surprised me. I stood back and decided to keep it that way. That is when I decided to add the roses which in my mind depicts Jesus’s love of mankind later in his life. It also softens the thought of thorns and makes you think it is a combination of a halo and a crown of thorns.

It was created with love of the story and brought me back to my childhood songs.

“Holy Family” is created on canvas and arrived in a simple black frame.

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