The Last Dance


This is a 36 x 48 x 1.5 inch oil on canvas painting. It comes in a beautiful floating fame with a teak finish.

She is a tribute to my “Tree of Life”.  A Bottle Brush tree that blew over during a gusty storm called Hilary. It was a sad night when I heard a loud crack and went out to see that my beautiful tree had missed our house by a few feet. I cried that night over this tree because it was my solace and many of my other paintings such as the “Tree of Life” painting and the ” Dream On” painting were inspired by this beautiful bottle brush tree. It housed a variety of birds, bees, and hummingbirds.  The tree was always a thrill to watch and brought peace to my life after moving away from the mountains I loved. There were several bird houses hanging in the tree at the time she fell and those birdhouses brought many baby wrens to our backyard.

I had decided before the tree blew over that I was going to do one last painting with the tree in mind. The canvas was already on my easel to paint the tree of life one more time. Then, the winds came.

This painting is the last painting with my tree of life in mind. Which is where she got her name…

“The Last Dance”